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Types of Party/Club goers

Sequel to the the earlier post on the ''nightclub'', here's the concluding part on how to enjoy your time hanging out at your favorite club joint after escaping from the hustle of 8 to 5.

The perched peacock
 This woman is at the nightclub to attract attention, but doesn't plan to go home with anyone. She dresses in very sexy, revealing clothes, and dances seductively. She's the one most likely to be dancing alone on the dance floor while her friends are chatting with others, or sitting at the bar alone, sipping her Nicholas Feuilatte

She's usually accompanied by two or three friends, never one other friend, because once she's at the club, she goes her own way.

She thrives on the attention males give her, but will never acknowledge it.

Approachability: 10%

How to approach her: Never compliment her or give her attention; be cool and collected and make your presence known by approaching her in a casual manner. Ask her for the time or a lighter (if she's smoking), and then don't say anything.
The bloodhound
The bloodhound is out to get you. She is ready to approach men who interest her, and will have no qualms about asking men to dance, or starting up a conversation with them.

She usually dresses seductively; she's pleased with her appearance and thinks men are too, and the way she dresses reflects just this. You'll find her dancing on the speaker or on stage, or among a group of men.

She travels in packs; she may be with just one other girlfriend, and chances are those in her circle are similar to her.

She's ready to go home with you, but she's not relationship material.

Approachability: 90%

How to approach her: If she doesn't approach you first, simply ask her to dance. Don't offer to buy her a drink, since she's probably getting drinks from many men.

The one you can approach, the one to stay away from...
The galloping deer
This woman is confident, attractive, and sexy in a subtle way. She wears anything from tight pants or a skirt with high boots, to halter tops or button-down blouses.

She wanders about the nightclub ready to meet men and she wants their attention, but she's subtler and more innocent. She's usually the good-looking one who's standing with her girlfriends (usually a group of 2 or more) while making eye contact with a man; at a bar ordering a drink when a man she's interested in is standing there; or dancing with her girlfriends.

She wants to have fun with her girlfriends, but she's also on the scene, working her thing in an obscure manner. She tends to be shy, but likes the attention men give her and she's ready to talk to a man who doesn't seem sleazy.

Approachability: 75%

How to approach her: Compliment her on her purse or ask her how the martinis are. Be subtle, and approach her without making it seem like you're
picking her up.
The lioness
This is the woman who is already taken by the lion. She's at a club with her boyfriend for a night of dancing and drinking.

You'll find her on the arm of her man.

Approachability: 5%

How to approach her: The only way you'll succeed is if her boyfriend leaves her alone for most of the night, and she's flirting with you by making eye contact (and a friend of yours can vouch for that). Approach her only if her boyfriend isn't bigger than you, or if you have a friend that can back you up if things get ugly but remember the club is a fun place and not a place to get your mouth or face reconfigured.

Do you stand a chance?
Knowing how to pick up women in a nightclub is one thing; knowing whom to approach is another.

If the lady you've been eyeing all night seems to be swinging out with her sisters on the dance floor, remember that there's a very good chance she's single and waiting for someone like you to approach her. This is why you shouldn't 
hesitate when approaching her.

Even if she is one of those women who goes out because her boyfriend is out with the boys, pick yourself up and approach her whenever the timing is right, and break the ice. She'll let you know if she's already attached.

But if you know that at least 85% of women who are at a nightclub are ready to meet someone, and another 12% are open to the idea if you approach them the right way, then you have a 9 in 10 chance of meeting a woman -- the rest is all up to you.
so when next you are at the Grotto/Rare Diamond party or one of its club events, brother and you are in there alone looking forward to a take-away in a pretty damsel, be smart enough to do a predator or terminator view scan of the arena to know the kind of ladies available then you can get your swag on and go for the kill. 
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