Thursday, January 17, 2013

home coming/Back to skool nyt

The holiday is over but the party just started....guess what, its the Home Coming/back 2 school Accada night. Join us tonight Thursday 17/01 at RARE DIAMOND CLUB(GROTTO BUILDING first floor) ****nyt of rare gems,stunning dazzles & unending groove dance hall style.
Who's coming to party??? Hot sistas from the finest of naija accadas(Unilag,Lasu,Babcock,Lead city&Covenant e.t.c
Brodas better get unchained like ''django'' and get on your joiedevivre to mix with the finest&freshest of chicks and if you are a novice on the grotto groove hall or you need a few tips on how to get your kinda girl in that grotto's sedductive bar? feel free to hook me up @tmon1285 or look out for our subsequent blog gist on aint no harm in helping a broda. see y'all tonyt.

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