Friday, June 22, 2012

Join us 2nite Fri.22/06@Grotto F.C.Lagos(217 Etim Inyang Crescent,Victoria Island,by Cool FM) 4 TGIF PARTY!D Dance floor will b hustling wth crowd&TEMPTATION will b@its peak.Excitement&elation all around wth beautiful&tipsy presence dat pats ones core with ardor&craze,while 9ja top Celebs,put up killer performances.Karaoke;6-10pm&Dj spinning cont.til ??Cya!
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Friday, June 15, 2012

Bodies talk&iced out rocks 2nite Fri.15/06@Grotto F.C.Lagos.Hip Hop,free styling no stopping wth beats hot like fire&soul kisses,wth bodies burning in endless desires..,as we pres.a special TGIF wth loads of creme de la creme&Celebs!Karaoke wth loads of surprises 4m 6pm-10pm&Djs spinning cont.till dawn!Com looking fly in ur fashionable attires!We r gonna party hard like d world is gonna end 2moro.Aint no party like d Grotto party!Avoid d rush.Cya!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hennessey shots,bodies talk&iced out rocks 2nite Fri.08/06@Grotto F.C.Lagos.Hip Hop,free styling no stopping wth beats hot like fire&soul kisses wth bodies burning wth endless desires.Fellas&crim sistas lookin fly in deir fashionable attires.Karaoke hrs-6-10pm&all-nite Dj blasting cont.till dawn.Cya!
Hennessey shots,bodies talk&iced out rocks 2nite Fri.08/06/12@Grotto Fashion Club,Abuja(70 Usuma st.Maitama).Hip Hop,free styling' no stopping wth beats hot like fire&soul kisses wth bodies burning' with endless desires.Fellas&crim sistas lookin' fly in their fashionable attires.N colored lipstick jst blowing' hot kisses as we celebrate TGIF.Anoda mad nite of hard partying!We party hard!We party haarrd!!We party haaarrrd!!!Avoid d rush.Cya!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Go on,sing ur heart out!B4 u know it,ur singing talents will start showing.Dont b afraid 2 do ur best.Just start jamming,like all d rest.U can sing a duet,or sing alone,then u wil find ur music creation!N u knw what?We r slamming KARAOKE/COMEDY,2nite Fri.01/06@Grotto F.C,Lagos,wth 1st five sets 2 get a free bottle of champagne each!Xpct loads of stand up comedians cracking ur ribs,during d karaoke show.Time;6-11pm.Guess,U dont wanna miss dis!Cya!Visit our blog 2day;
As d conflictin colors reflect off d disco ball,ablity 4 logical thot is slowly exhaled,N glassy eyes ready 2 pick-up movement of an almost predatory grace.Alluring,petite sistas in diaspora getting ready 2 set 2nite Fri.01/06 agog@Grotto F.C.Lagos,wth d beats droppin&deir figures explodin,sending flashes of lite in every direction,impossible 2 tell who is in conrtol,as we celebrate TGIF.Karaoke/Comedy;6-11pm&all-nite-Dj blastin cont.till dawn.Cya. Visit our blog@,